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LINDSAY MAIORANO is originally from Pennsylvania and has loved the visual and performing arts for as long as she can remember.  Ever the passionate student, she grew up regularly enrolling in art workshops and acting classes, and thoroughly enjoyed performing in plays throughout her teenage years.   


Lindsay holds a BFA degree in Painting from Tyler School of Art and a Minor in Theatre from Temple University.  During her junior year, she studied abroad for a semester in Rome, Italy, and found that she wanted to travel as much as possible in her future endeavors.  She also realized that she 

fell into the habit of creating very large-scale paintings featuring larger-than-life figures, in an effort to feel as though she was in the space with her 

painted characters.  She became increasingly interested in moving away from a 2D surface to create 3D environments, and therefore decided to pursue scenic design.

After receiving her BFA in 2013, she was hired as a Production Intern at the prestigious Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp in Colorado, where she has since quickly transitioned to Set Designer/Scenic Artist/Props Master and worked for seven consecutive, incredibly enriching summers.  Lindsay has also worked in the scenic departments of several theaters in the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas.   She was also a co-founder and former member of the New Boon(E) Gallery & Studio Space artist collective in Philadelphia.  Her oil paintings and sculptures have been featured in several exhibitions, and she continues to execute commissions.


Lindsay earned her MFA degree in Scene Design and Technology from West Virginia University in December 2018.  Immediately following her graduation, she was hired within the WVU College of Creative Arts as a Post-Graduate Artist-in-Residence and faculty member in the Theatre school for the 2019 spring semester.  During the semester, she taught a Scene Painting class, worked as the Scenic Artist and Props Master for the spring productions, and designed the set for You Can't Take It With You.  


Lindsay is thrilled to combine her passions for visual art and theatre as her career.  The exciting process of learning scenic design enabled her to explore working on a much larger "canvas."  She enjoys experimenting with raw and unconventional materials in her work, and often draws inspiration from discovering beauty in unexpected sources.  Her appreciation of detail has turned her into an avid collector (possibly a hoarder) of imagery and objects that she gathers during her travels, in hopes to one day incorporate them into her designs.  She loves to collaborate with other artists and strives to create worlds that are meaningful, personal, and charged with emotion. 

Just prior to the pandemic, she worked as Assistant Scenic Designer/Scenic Charge Artist on multiple projects with The House Theatre of Chicago.

She most recently worked as a scenic artist and on-set/standby painter for season 1 of "The Shining Girls", set to air on Apple TV April 29, 2022.  

Lindsay is a proud member of IATSE Studio Mechanics Local 476 in Chicago.


When she is not in the studio, Lindsay enjoys hiking, camping, rock climbing, yoga, and reading.  She is a lover of animals and a hopeless coffee addict.


*Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) 2018 Design Competition: Honorable Mention for Scenic Design of Assassins


*Nominated for DC Metro Theatre Arts 2015 Watch Award: Outstanding Set Painting in a Musical: Chess, Kensington Arts Theatre, MD, 2015

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